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I was sitting under a tree smoking my pipe a while back when I asked myself, “How has the digital age changed the face of marketing?”  Sure, this is not a new question and much has been written about it, but I have never read anything that really nailed it for me.  So after much deliberation three things came to mind:

1.  The digital age has given us unlimited duplication.  In the old days to reach one client you had to print one pamphlet.  To reach 1000 clients you had to print 1000 pamphlets – and that cost money.  Today we can produce one pamphlet and duplicate it innumerable times at no extra cost.

2.  The internet has given us unlimited distribution.  In the old days to reach one client you had to deliver one pamphlet.  To reach 1000 clients you had to deliver 1000 pamphlets – and that cost money.  Today we can distribute our advertising material to innumerable clients with no increase in costs.

3.  The internet has given us the ability to trade 24/7/365 worldwide by having a web site – we don’t even need a shop or employees.

Unlimited duplication, unlimited distribution and no overheads – surely there is something we can do with that.

The obvious benefit is the ability to give away tons of stuff for free without incurring any costs, and then make money out of the spin off.  If you look at Google – this is exactly what they have done.  Google gave the world the most powerful Search Engine – and it’s free to use.  They make billions out of the spin off.

I would like to copy this business model in my own small way.

South Cape Net’s core business is providing Internet Service Provider-related services – domain registration, transfer, renewal and hosting as well as e mail hosting.  However, there are hundreds of companies offering the same service, so how does one stand out from the crowd – what is my Unique Selling Proposition or USP?

Private companies are also realising that they can host their own web sites [provided they have some technical expertise] and save.

So, coupled with some marketing know-how and graphic- and web design services, I have come up with the following strategy:

Basically what I am offering is that if you host your domain with me, you will get a host of free stuff as part of the package.

Up and running…

The Gremlin is an online newspaper for the Garden Route that is updated at 8 am and 2 pm weekdays.  International, National, Business and Sports News is updated at 8 am weekdays.  The Local News, Regular Columns and Press Releases are updated continuously as I receive the articles.  Two newsletters are mailed to subscribers – one at 8 am and the other at 2 pm – will all the latest headlines and some commentary.  Readers then go to the web site to read the news.  The Gremlin is [and always will be] free to receive.

The Eagle Desktop may be downloaded and installed on your computer. It looks and functions like a book – just click to where you would like to search.

In the pipeline…

1.  XperienceSA will be a web site for Garden Route-based tourism-related businesses.  Launch – 1 October 2012.
2.  The Garden Route Business News will be a business-to-business online newspaper.  Launch – 1 November 2012.
3.  MobiTeens and MobiTweens will be weekly mobizines aimed at the age groups – 13 to 18 and 8 to 12 respectively.  Launch 1 December 2012.
4.  044Mobile will be a Business Directory optimized for mobile phones.  Launch 1 October 2012.

Package Deal

Host your domain with South Cape Net [R100 pm for .html web sites and R150 pm for CMS web sites] and get the following free:

1.  Free advertising in The Gremlin, XperinceSA, the Garden Route Business News and The Eagle Desktop.
2.  Free Press Releases and Advertorials in The Gremlin.
3.  Free advertising [on a rotational basis] in MobiTeens and MobiTweens.
4.  Free listing in 044Mobile.
5.  35% discount on all web and graphic design.
6.  Free newsletter set up via phpList.

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